About Us

Pulkit Batra, a young and accomplished entrepreneur, is making a significant impact in the cybersecurity field as the founder and CEO of SecurityElla, a rapidly growing cybersecurity community in India. Pulkit’s journey began at 17 when he delved into hacking, gaining recognition for his expertise and even securing a high-level internship with the Indian government.

Pulkit’s passion for sharing knowledge led to the creation of SecurityElla, where he trained over 3500 students all around the world. He holds certifications as a cybersecurity professional and Microsoft certified remediation expert, earning speaking engagements at prestigious institutions like IIT Kanpur .

Today, SecurityElla boasts a dedicated team and a strong training program. Remarkably, Pulkit turned down a lucrative offer to maintain full control over his company’s growth and direction, emphasizing autonomy over outside financing.

Despite challenges, Pulkit’s confidence in his team and his belief in the power of enthusiasm and age-agnostic success drive his ongoing journey.

Pulkit Batra,
Founder, SecurityElla


SecurityElla as a platform can be used to learn and exit as a platform to make money. It is an Indian EdTech startup with a focus on providing cybersecurity education and consulting services to more than 5000 students worldwide. All IT security aspirants are gathered in one location by SecurityElla, which also incorporates various learning styles, fosters a more engaging environment, and creates a more individualised educational experience.